Business Week By
Marina Kamenev

In an article featured in Business Week, “Rating Countries for the Happiness Factor”, the Bahamas was ranked as the fifth happiest country in the world. The study pulled together from sources and surveys found that good health care and education are as important as wealth to modern happiness.

Population: 303,800
Life Expectancy: 65.6 years
GDP Per Capita: $20,200

Bahamanians know how to enjoy life. “Maybe it’s our ‘Bahama Mamas,’ our sweet sea breeze, our conch salad, and fun loving people,” suggests Kendenique Campbell-Moss, a senior executive at the Bahamas Tourism Ministry. Although the poverty rate, at 9.3%, is relatively high, the beautiful weather and laid-back lifestyle keep Bahamas’ citizens smiling. Campbell-Moss also reckons the fusion of African and European cultures, strong family values, and Christianity contribute to the happy vibe in the Caribbean country.